Auto Insurance


A personal auto policy is made up of a few separate parts:

   1. Liability- The most basic definition of liability coverage in an insurance policy is coverage for damage or injury you cause to someone else or their property.  For a personal policy, the limits in the state of Georgia start at $25,000 coverage for any one occurrence. $50,000 for the aggregate (total available for the policy) and $25,000 property damage.  The liability amounts can go up incrementally according to how much coverage an insured desires. 

  2. Uninsured or Under-insured Motorist- When an accident occurs and the party at fault either doesn't have an  insurance policy or their current policy has insufficient limits to cover the cost, this part of the policy provides coverage. 

  3. Comprehensive and Collision- This part of a policy is usually required by a lien holder.  It also is  frequently accompanied by a deductible. This coverage is designed to repair or reimburse the damage sustained to the property belonging to the policy holder. 

  4. Various "bells and whistles"- Different carriers offer different additional coverage options such as roadside assistance, vanishing deductibles and various other features. 

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